Celebration Day

Don’t forget that Monday is our Maya Celebration Day!

We will be carrying out some fun Mayan related activities.

You can come dressed as a Mayan or in mufti.

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday.

Miss G, Ms H, Mrs K and Mrs T 🙂


Cereal Boxes

We need cereal boxes for this week’s Science lesson.

We would be very grateful for you to bring what you can.

Don’t forget, we have our trip to Cuckmere Haven on Thursday and it’s individual school photos Friday.

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday morning.

Year 5 Homework Week 3: (20/09/2018)

Function machines- multiplying and dividing

This week we have been learning about the place value of numbers. Please complete the function machine worksheet provided. You can use a place value chart to help, like the one pictured below and use your homework book for any working out.

Please also read at least 3 times this week, try to reach your reading target, practise your spellings and times tables and ask your grown up to sign your blue reading record. Keep up the good work

If you get really stuck, use this website to help you:



Homework (13.09.18)

For the next two terms, we are studying the Ancient Maya people, who originated from Central America. This week’s homework requires you to do some research on the Maya Civilisation and to write it up in your homework book. You could use an atlas, maps, the internet and your local library (who can order books in if required).

 Please also read 3 times this week, practise your spellings and times tables and ask your grown up to sign your blue reading record.

Here are some useful links to help with your research:




Primary Science Day Trip

Don’t forget that tomorrow (Wednesday 12th) we are going to The University of Sussex to take part in some Science activities and to see the Mars Rover.

You will need to be in school uniform, bring a pack lunch- unless you’ve ordered one from school and bring a drink.

We are really looking forward to it.

What are you most looking forward to?



A reminder that this weeks’ homework is to decorate your Homework Book.

Please make sure it has your name and class on the front.

Thank you to those of you who have already handed your book in, we are expecting all Homework Books in on Tuesday.