Trip to the park

This week, each year 5 class popped over the local park.

We were creating journey sticks. We are going to use these to support our writing in English over the next couple of weeks.



In Science, we are focusing on the topic of forces. 

Last lesson we looked at the effect air resistance had on parachutes.

We created a fair test. We kept everything we could the same; height we dropped it from, weight on the bottom, size of the parachute. The only variable we adapted was the material we made the parachutes from.

We all had great fun with this experiment.

My Maths

Don’t forget to go onto My Maths and complete this week’s homework.

How did you find it?

If you find that you didn’t do as well as you hoped you are able to try it again.

When we check who’s done their homework, we are also able to see how many tries you’ve had.

Have a good weekend.

Blue Book Check

Blue Book checks will now be carried out on a Monday.

You must have read three times or more, tried to reach your reading target and have your book signed by an adult at home.

Keep up the good work year 5!

This coming week.

We’ve got a busy few days coming up, we thought we’d let you know what is happening:

Monday 17th– Singing Assembly instead of normal Monday Assembly. Otherwise a normal day.

Tuesday 18th– Christmas Jumper Day.

Carol Concert rehearsal in the morning. Panto in the afternoon.

Wednesday 19th– Carol Concert to parents in the morning.

Christmas Lunch.

Year 6 performing their Big Sing to their parents and the rest of the school.

Celebration Day

Don’t forget that Monday is our Maya Celebration Day!

We will be carrying out some fun Mayan related activities.

You can come dressed as a Mayan or in mufti.

Have a great weekend and see you all Monday.

Miss G, Ms H, Mrs K and Mrs T 🙂